Blind Dates

Jacqueline Newell
Jacqueline Newell

Blind Date. noun. “A social engagement or date with a person one has not previously met.”

After going to dinner today, I witnessed maybe the most awkward goodbye after a first date ever – and it was awesome. That awkward couple made me realize something pretty crucial about my life as a LC – I, Jacqueline Newell, have gone on more blind dates than the average person.

When meeting chapter members, I often don’t know who I’m looking for, but occasionally they text me beforehand. They will tell me they’re the one in pink, the one with the cast, or the one in the white Suburban. And some have admittedly found me on social media and the Sigma Kappa website to find out what I look like. Like blind daters, I spend most of my time getting to know new people. I have been picked up for meals and introduced to new locations while making small talk about anything and everything.

After two months on the road, I would like to think I have mastered the art of getting to know someone in a short span of time. It took a lot of help to get me here, so let me take this time to say thank you. Thank you to the women who have fed me, kept me company, and are constantly inviting me to get to know their chapter. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me because I love going on blind dates every day (something never said in any chick flick ever).

Jacqueline Newell

(I searched the Internet and there are no real statistics about blind dates, so I could be wrong.)


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