Passing it On…

Amy Gallagher
Amy Gallagher

Hey, all!

It’s about time that I posted an update about what I have been up to this semester. After traveling the month of August on recruitment visits to Epsilon Beta, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Mu and Theta Iota, I have settled in Boston to work residentially with the Kappa Omega chapter at Northeastern University. Kappa Omega is the newest addition to our Sigma Kappa chapters. The chapter was installed in mid-April.

These ladies have been busy bees since they returned to school at the beginning of September. Weekends have been packed with recruitment prep and Collegiate Officer’s Academy. They conducted their first formal chapter meeting, and are currently catching up on school work and sleep before the second weekend of recruitment begins on Saturday with Bid Day on Monday, Oct. 7.

I know it is probably hard for some of you to believe that there are still chapters that are in the middle of recruitment. Not only is Kappa Omega in the middle of recruitment, they are in the middle of their first recruitment. Together as a colony class, with the guidance of their NCRC, Lauren, the women learned conversation basics, rotation, recruitment rules, membership selection, door chants, and even had the company of sisters from the Delta and Zeta Zeta chapters for some real practice.

So, when the clock started at the beginning of the first event of open house round, they hit the ground running. Chanting began. The VPM offered a warm welcome. Rotation kicked off. The door closed on time. Lather, rinse and repeat seven more times. And the energy throughout the night was amazing. I think some sisters were surprised that recruitment was so much fun!

Philanthropy round garnered more success for the women, with the theme of Love Purple, Live Green. The sisters helped potential new members paint canvas bags to be donated to the local assisted living facility the chapter volunteers at. No paint crises ensued. Rotation continued smoothly regardless of tight quarters, and the chapter continued to engage potential new members with all that a Sigma Kappa membership has to offer.

Now, we have five days between the second and third round of recruitment. This weekend, the women will share The Gift of Sisterhood during sisterhood round and express that they want to pass it on during their preference ceremony.

I am so proud of these women this semester and throughout recruitment. I am beyond excited for them to welcome a new member class, and experience what it feels like to grow as a chapter and share their sisterhood with new members. Hurry up, Bid Day!

Until next time,


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