From Pinterest to Reality

Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hello, friends!

So here is my take on Pinterest. When Pinterest was first becoming popular, I was pretty skeptical. How in the world would things that look that good be possible for anyone to make easily? After a few months, my crafting/foodie sides kicked in, and I decided that some of these things were ones that I had to try.

Some of my first Pinterest creations:

After mastering those creations, I decided to move forward and try a few harder ones:

Since I have moved into my own apartment in Boca Raton, Pinterest has taught me how to cook (well, some beginning stages at least). After cooking dinner tonight, I realized that without Pinterest, I would probably starve because all I knew how to make was pasta, ramen (yes, that’s a type of pasta), sandwiches and rice (thanks, Mom!). Yes, me, the biggest Food Network fan has no idea how to cook. I can watch as many episodes of Giada cooking as humanly possible, but I still don’t know how to cook. But because of Pinterest, I have made some of these creations, allowing me to channel my inner Bobby Flay:

Not only have I found Pinterest to be great for my personal needs, such as eating, but it is also a wonderful resource for chapters to use for everything from event themes to decorations to favors. I hope you find the courage to try some Pinterest creations – you will not regret it!

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