What About Values?

Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hi, friends!

We are more than halfway through recruitment season, and boy, has it been a busy one! Typically, when you think of recruitment, what comes to mind? Decorations, matching outfits, door chants, talking to a lot of potential new members and trying to remember their names… the list goes on. Something I’ve been able to reflect upon this year that was not as prevalent in my mind last year at this time is the importance of Sigma Kappa’s values when finding new sisters to add to our bond.

During my most recent visit to the Kappa Alpha chapter at Northwest Missouri State University, Sigma Kappa’s values were a topic that kept coming up throughout their formal recruitment weekend. As Sigma Kappa women, we talk a lot about our values of friendship, service, personal growth and loyalty. However, it is easy for these values to be overshadowed by the trendy outfits and bright decorations that make up recruitment. The Kappa Alpha chapter women made it a point to bring up our values in conversation during the different rounds. 

This got me thinking: How can we choose new sisters who will be Sigma Kappa women for forever without knowing what they value? Looking at it another way, how can potential new members choose Sigma Kappa without knowing something as important as what we value as an organization?

It seems a little impossible. I challenge you to have open conversations about our values during formal recruitment and see what quality members it brings you, whether yours has already passed for the year or it is still on the horizon.

(Click on the bubbles above to see the captions for my formal recruitment adventures thus far!)

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