The Consultant Stereotype

Kristin Ramey
Kristin Ramey

Last week, I came across an episode of ABC Family’s Greek.  This episode happened to revolve around Lizzie, a consultant, arriving at a Zeta Beta Zeta chapter on CRU’s campus.  Throughout the episode, we learn that a visit from Lizzie means the chapter is about to be “shut down” and has unlimited problems that need to be fixed. These stereotypes of a consultant not only made me laugh, but made me think.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a consultant is “someone who gives professional advice or services.” Although this definition is very formal, it is relevant to what we, as Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultants, are doing as we travel! We travel so that we are able to give every chapter the resources it needs to be successful. Sigma Kappa believes in every chapter; that is why we travel.

Whether you have met a leadership consultant or not, we all have our idea of what they do and what their personalities are like. Prior to meeting my first Sigma Kappa consultant, I was expecting a woman who was completely different than the one I came to know.

I hope that you have had that same experience. I hope you have met a consultant who has made you feel the love that you have for Sigma Kappa and helped you grow as a member. If you haven’t yet, I hope that one day you will.

Sigma’s Love and Mine,


P.S.- Shout out to the AMAZING 2013-2014 Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultant Team!


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