The Journey is the Reward

Erica Lagos
Erica Lagos

My adventure as a leadership consultant officially started over a month ago. Between jet setting to the South, making car rides across states, and learning the do’s and don’ts of the airport security line, it is safe to say it has been one heck of a ride so far. Even though I did not officially start traveling until Aug. 8, I feel like I have been so many places in this short amount of time.

I was lucky enough to start my semester off at the University of Louisville where I enjoyed helping the women prepare for their recruitment as well as some fun sightseeing. I loved getting to visit the Louisville Slugger museum as well as Churchill Downs!

Churchill Downs Louisville Slugger Museum

From there, I ventured over to Ball State University and quickly learned that on campus was the place to be at this university. The campus was buzzing with students moving in and different activities going on all over to welcome them back. A quick flight later, I made my way to the University of West Georgia. They let me know early on that I had a terrible Michigan accent (what do you expect, I have lived there my whole life 🙂 ) While I was there, I had the opportunity to fall in love with Chick-fil-A, try cheese grits, and check out the village where most of the Greek organizations on campus have a house.

Chicken Biscuit and Cheese Grits

Next, I was very lucky to go to Spring Hill College and meet many of the students and staff there! I was in awe by the beauty of the campus, and can’t wait to visit again in November.

Looking at where I have been so far makes me more excited for what this semester and year will bring to me. I can definitely say I am blessed to have been given an opportunity like this, and am soaking up all of the experiences I have each day!


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