Start Your Day Off Right

Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

As some of us are ending our summers and heading into pre-recruitment weeks, or preparing for another academic year, I wanted to start my year off right with a goal: a goal to wake up every morning with a positive and motivating attitude! You should try it too!

Whether you are a glowing ray of sunshine in the morning or a night owl (like myself), everyone can learn a few tips to ensure your day starts off on a positive note! Try these five tips and see if your morning routine starts off any better than the morning before. Yes, some mornings can be rougher than others, but here are some tips I’ve found that work even on the earliest of mornings:


1. Natural Light: Be sure to open your window shades and take a look outside; rain or shine the natural light will allow waking up a little bit easier for those who aren’t early risers. If you’re lucky and it’s a sunny morning, those rays will give you energy sooner than you think! If you’re feeling like you need an additional morning lift, step outside and feel the fresh air!

2. Music: Who doesn’t like some form of tunes? Find your top five or 10 favorite songs depending on how long your morning routine is. I wouldn’t advise you blare the music and wake your neighbors, but the soft sound of your favorite songs can help brighten your mood! It also allows you to keep track of time; if you’re running late your playlist might end early.

3. Breakfast: I know everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day, but truly, it is! Healthy food gives your body that morning boost you’ll need and that push until lunchtime!

4. Self-Pep Talk: Yes, talking to yourself could help get your brain moving. While you’re lying in bed (for those who can’t just jump up) think about your morning routine and what you have planned for that day. Tell yourself you’re going to have a great day, because you likely will if you wake up on the right side of the bed and in a great mood! So instead of snoozing your alarm, allow yourself to lay there for a few minutes but get that brain churning!

5.   Make sure to wake up to a clean space: Having a messy, jumbled room can have you waking up overwhelmed and stressed. Having a clean space can keep you organized and on time to wherever you need to be. So to ensure this happens, before you go to sleep, organize your space to make getting ready a breeze!

I learned most of these tips from reading a blog called Be Positive in Life. If you want to read more about starting your day off right, visit this website:

*Final Tip: Always start your day with a smile….they are contagious 🙂



One thought on “Start Your Day Off Right

  1. totally agree with these! at the beginning of the summer, i started a job where i have to be at work at 6am, and i’ve found that i’m actually generally in a good mood at work! it just takes the proper amount of sleep, some breakfast, good music, and then a few minutes to be alone in your thoughts (not while you’re getting ready- mine is on my drive to work).

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