Attention all Graduating Seniors

Molly Kenney
Molly Kenney

Wow, it is crazy to reflect over the past year of my life and realize I went through Order of the Triangle almost one year ago. Time really does fly by! I cannot imagine my Sigma Kappa journey ending after my collegiate experience, which is exactly why the saying goes, “It is not FOUR years, it is FOR life.”

To all the graduating seniors out there, I encourage you to enjoy the last month or less of school and take some time to reflect how Sigma Kappa has shaped you. It might be a good stress relief from all the end-of-the-year school work to reminisce with your sisters about the fun sisterhood retreats, late nights during recruitment, and giving back to the community through philanthropy events.

Seniors – it is easy to stay involved with Sigma Kappa! Here are some tips on making your transition to alumnae life:

  1. Keep your contact information updated on There is an alumnae newsletter that is sent once a month. This newsletter is called The SKoop, and in the special edition for new alumnae there is a focus on job interviews, relocation and alumnae life.
  2. Moved somewhere new after graduation? It is easy to find where Sigma Kappa alumnae and collegiate chapters are located for you to find sisters nearby to meet. Go to, under Alumnae, click chapter map. There is a list of all the chapters by state for you.
  3. Want to volunteer and give back? Great! There are many chapters and other aspects of the organization that could use your help. According to National Policy, a member must be out of college at least two years before becoming part of an advisory board. They also must be in good financial standing with the national organization and local alumnae chapter. — Check back on the website under Alumnae and Volunteer for Sigma Kappa when you are eligible to volunteer. Fill out the volunteer interest form; Sigma Kappa will be thrilled to have you as a volunteer for the wonderful organization. 
  4. Paying your per capita and local dues means you get a  hard copy of the Sigma Kappa Triangle for one year; an exclusive annual gift; monthly emails with coupons and discounts from Sigma Kappa licensed vendors; you are supporting programming, trainings and other resources for alumnae and collegians, as well as extension opportunities to support growth for Sigma Kappa; AND… per capita is only $25 a year. Local dues vary by the alumnae chapter.
  5. You may, of course, always donate to the Sigma Kappa Foundation.
  6. Finally, get involved in any aspect you can. Whether that is with the local alumnae chapter or helping a local collegiate chapter during recruitment.

Enjoy the rest of your semester, and good luck with all your future plans! Hope to meet many more Sigma Kappas in my future volunteer roles with the organization.

Dove love, Molly


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