Give the World a Reason to Dance

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

For all of those like me who have hopped on the Kid President bandwagon, you can share in my amazement of this little nugget who films, courtesy of his brother-in-law, weekly inspirational videos. If you have not watched any of Robbie’s videos, I strongly encourage you to do so. Here is his most recent video of meeting the real president of the United States. His jubilation and genuine nature are seriously humbling.

They are uplifting, inspiring, heartwarming and innocently sweet. Each video sends somewhat of the same message: How can YOU make the world a better place?

So, by this question that kid president asks me every time I watch his videos, I try to think of something new that I can do to make the world a better place. Below are my top five thoughts on how to make the world a more peaceful place. It all starts with one person. Let’s all practice the art of the start.

1. Work with all ages to make this world we live in more pleasant. Collaborate with children and seniors.

2. No matter how small you may be, YOU can still make a difference.

3. Make your own Space Jam by creating your own legacy. What will that be?

4. Take the road less traveled. Be an explorer, a pioneer, and don’t be afraid to throw off the sails.

5. Give the world a reason to dance. Make the world a happy place. Smile. Love. Be kind. Dance.

That’s all for now folks! All my love and more. -H


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