Gimme Five

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

Recently, I took two days of my personal time to travel home for some much needed R&R. As soon as I hit the tarmac in Denver, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was thrilled to see my family, my dog Leo, and most pressingly, turn in the winter duds I had been donning all semester. When I hit the road in January, I was highly confident that I would never get tired of all the cardigans and oxfords I packed, but needless to say February hit and I was itching to break out my dresses and flats.

So there I stood, on a late Saturday afternoon swallowed in my closet, carefully picking out each item I thought I would need to last for the next three months. This was no easy feat! It took me about three hours and countless trips to my floor length mirror. But finally, I had decided! I had decided on the threads I would travel the country with this spring. I had picked out the most colorful skirts, dresses and tops I owned. And I was thrilled.

As a rule of thumb, I try to travel with five staples that I absolutely can’t live without. I feel that five is a manageable number for this lifestyle I lead. So my friends, here are my five can’t-live-withouts, my five most happy outfits, my five sunshine-bringers.

Click on the circles below to see why I love each of these treasures.

Happy spring!


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