Sisterly Love

Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

Whew, this has been a crazy time of year. With spring break upon us, this semester is flying by. Kappa Phi has been busy with programming and sisterhood this past week. The women celebrated their first “Important Women Weekend” including brunch and a trip to the Gumbo Limbo, a nearby sea turtle reservation, with mothers, sisters and aunts.

Mom's Weekend

This week was also FAU student government elections, full of campaigning in the breezeway. Sigma Kappa was lucky to support presidential candidate and sister Ella Tepper. Sigma Kappa women were performing double duty tableing for Ella’s campaign
as well as promoting  our annual Ultra Violet SKetti Dinner.


Wednesday night was full of excitement hosting SKetti dinner. The women danced, ate, and had a wonderful time. Even after ordering double the quantity of spaghetti compared to the prior year, the women ran out due to the record attendance! The Wobble, Call Me Maybe, and Thrift Shop were only a few of the favorite songs that got everyone on their feet and dancing. That night, we were also pleased to hear that Ella WON her election for student body president. We are getting presidential y’all!!!

Immediately, the Kappa Phi president and I started planning a surprise party for Ella. The weekend was packed with “Up Til Dawn,” a fundraiser for St. Jude’s hospital, ritual workshop, and a super fun sisterhood event. SKetti DinnerSunday, the women became outdoorsy and participated in the ropes course at FAU. It was awesome to see Kappa Phi sisterhood develop into a stronger bond while encouraging their sisters to conquer their fears as well as trust each other. That night, the chapter came over to my apartment for the surprise party.

RopesUp Til Dawn

We tricked Ella into attending a new member meeting to discuss time management and then an “exec meeting” at my place. She arrived without a clue and was completely surprised by the amount of sisters there to celebrate how much we love and support her. The evening included story time, cake and pizza from the one and only Boca’s Best. The amount of sisterhood that is embodied in Kappa Phi warms my heart  and makes me so proud that I can be a part of their chapter.

Until next time 🙂



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