I’ve Got The Magic In Me!

Sue Buyrn
Sue Buyrn

Hey there!

In the past two months on the road, I have come to realize all sorority women have one thing in common: their mutual obsession with Pitch Perfect. I’m not kidding. Everywhere I go, Sigma Kappa sisters flock to this movie, watching it over and over again, quoting lines, and practically drooling over Skylar Astin.

I decided that in order to relate to sorority women everywhere, I needed to watch it. I’m going to be honest…I found it decidedly mediocre. Fat Amy did get a giggle out of me every now and then, but overall I enjoyed the company of the Epsilon Delta Chapter more than the movie itself.

BUT the last 10 minutes of the movie…that I will watch on repeat. It is the final competition, showcasing acapella groups of all sorts. The music is great, a classic cliché finale to a chick flick. Everything ends quite perfect and the two main characters, against all odds, find love together. There is one clip though, that always gets me:

Benji, the character showcased above, is an awkward college freshman who has no friends, couldn’t make the group originally, and resorts to magic tricks for recreational fun. He is a nerd, to say the least. And in this moment, he embraces what makes him great, why being unique should be celebrated, and the crowd loves him. It is my hope that we all clutch on to the Benji in us, and remember:

  1. There are going to be times where we feel like we don’t fit in. That people are against us, and we are alone. We’re not alone.
  2. Someday, if not today, we will be appreciated.
  3. Some people will take us for who we are, some people will leave it, but the true key to happiness is being content with ourselves. Never stop being the essence of who you are.

Let Benji challenge us all: as we grow older, from 18 to 21 // 23 to 25 // 49 to 50 // 73 to 75 …take time for what makes you happy. Don’t let others tell you what you’re capable of. Let your personality shine through. Keep the magic in you.

<3, Magical Sue


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