Calling All Recent Alumnae

Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

One thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is ritual. I’ve been thinking about how it relates to our lives as collegians and after as alumnae. I personally have a deep connection with our ritual, and it’s what keeps me so in love with being a Sigma Kappa.

Kappa Phi had a ritual workshop this past weekend. The women discussed our ritual openly and talked about what they wanted to learn from each other. My favorite part of the day was playing ritual trivia! The women broke up into their Sigma Kappa families Ritualand competed to answer true and false questions. After they answered, they had to explain why the questions were true or false which helped others learn the significance of our ritual. Remember your last ritual workshop??? Mine were usually just boring song practices; trust me, trivia is much more fun!

I am so fortunate to participate in ritual workshops, chapter meetings, and other ritual ceremonies all the time. I often take it all for granted. While reflecting on being an alumna and how my fellow recent graduates relate to our ritual, I realized that many young alumnae have not yet affiliated with an alumnae chapter, not making that proper transition after college. I’m writing this blog specifically for my fellow Sigma Kappas on social media to call out to them. FIND A WAY TO CONNECT YOURSELF WITH OUR NATIONAL ORGANIZATION!!!! You seriously do not know what you are missing. Sisterhood

There are so many alumnae groups out there, connect with one. If you are new to an area or back in your hometown, find the nearest group or collegiate chapter. I’m sure they will put your experience to great use. Wherever you are, find your way back to Sigma Kappa. You’ll quickly remember our ritual, values, and why you joined.

I challenge all alumnae to think about our ritual this month. Remember what our organization stands for, what our letters mean, and what that badge we wear signifies. Remember our lifelong commitment to Sigma Kappa. To all those who read this, post it on your social media sites! Let’s try to increase our young alumnae involvement, especially this month.
With tons of Dove Love,


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