On the Road Again…

Katherine Getty
Katherine Getty

As I began to pack my bags for my spring semester, I couldn’t help but to start singing “on the road again.” While it was most definitely bittersweet to begin packing, it was definitely an overall exciting experience. I had experienced a restful break and took time to both reflect back and eagerly look forward.

Reflecting back: During my first semester, I truly grew and developed. The person I am now is a very different person than the woman who left sunny Florida in early June. In my time in Arizona, I worked hard, made mistakes, and created action plans to help the women I was with. I worked with volunteers who changed my life. During my first semester, I learned more than I had ever realized about the importance of the Greek experience and the relevance it has and will always have on college campuses.

Looking forward: While I have no illusion that the next semester will be without challenges and triumphs, I am so excited for this. I am excited to get back to Tempe and work with the women of Theta Omicron. I am excited to begin to plan for my future after my year as a leadership consultant.


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