Welcome Back Love

Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

As we Sigma Kappa consultants begin our second semester of travel, our journey began in Indianapolis with a few days of training and sisterly bonding. As excited as I am for this new semester,  I was sad to leave home, my friends in Texas, and most importantly, my dog Domino, a spunky “hood” (short for hoodlum), black and white Shiatsu.

While at home, I was able to see friends that recently graduated from college, made a few new ones, and was able to make a trip up to my alma mater, TCU, for a football game. I begin my first blog post of the semester with these important tidbits because these are things I love.

Consultants are not told how lonely their lives will be while on the road. We give our blood, sweat and tears to this job but sometimes forget that we also need that same attention and feeling of care. Most recently, I was surrounded by lots of love and it sparked some female thinking. I was honored to serve as a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding, where one of my favorite bible verses was read… 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. photo (29)

While the bride and groom were surrounded by loved ones, they embarked on a journey of endless love which makes me hope that one day I might find this same love. Sighing to myself, while smiling and holding my beautiful flowers at the altar, I know that this special day is not close enough in my future.

While in Indianapolis, the most magical thing happened! Much to our surprise, our supervisor Brooke gave our team all save the dates for her wedding in May!!!Brooke

The team could not believe we were all invited; we talked about it almost every day at training. I wish we would have recorded all of our reactions, which included screaming, jumping, and lots of picture taking.

And then there is Sean Lowe. What a hunk. For all you bachelor and bachelorette lovers, I am sure you all wish every man could be Sean, just like I do. I don’t consider myself a hopeless romantic but, even though the TV show can be somewhat corny and unrealistic, it is super fun to watch!

While I sit in my Boca Raton apartment, all alone without anyone to daydream about, I think about being a little girl, dreaming of growing up to be a princess, and have my prince charming sweep me away to live happily ever after. At the age of 23 and single, I can gladly say that I’ve found a different kind of happily ever after.

chicagoMy current happily ever after is being tackled to the ground by three SK consultants who I haven’t seen in five months when I arrived for a New Year’s celebration in Chicago. It’s being surrounded by my consultant team, at a conference table, while I shed tears about my struggles from the past semester, knowing that they are listening with all their hearts, and then later, laughing and playing in the snow. Happily ever after means only watching the TCU game for 10 minutes because the rest of the time I am chatting and catching up with old friends. It’s lying in front of the fire watching It’s a Wonderful Life and cuddling with the dog. My love is taking my grandmother to the doctor numerous times over Christmas break knowing that any relief helps my mother make it another day as a caregiver. It’s staying up late playing Clue with my brother and sister, building our annual Christmas tent, and taking a spontaneous trip to College Station to hang out with my best friend, Jessica.

As I start this next semester, I will remember that I’m truly loved and that I have an amazing support system. When I am feeling a little lonely, I will remember that this princess has already found a happily ever after and it is only a call away.

LISK- Jordan


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