Where Did the Time Go…

Katherine Getty
Katherine Getty

Where does the time go? It’s hard for me to believe that I have been working with the amazing women of Theta Omicron at Arizona State University for three whole months. I still remember my first day here in Tempe like it was yesterday. In this short period of time, I have learned so much from them, and it is my hope that they have learned from me as well. They have taught me to laugh when the room has windows floor to ceiling for a formal chapter. They have taught me there is no inappropriate time to eat froyo. They remind me the joy of learning because then the lesson or policy is new and exciting. These women remind me that making mistakes is merely another opportunity for personal growth. But most of all, they have reminded me the pure joy of being a Sigma Kappa. These women love Sigma Kappa so much and make me feel so blessed to be able to call them sisters.

Reflecting on this, I know I am grateful for these lessons because far too often it is easy to become jaded or think too much about details instead of what Sigma Kappa truly is. They have helped me take steps back and truly appreciate what chapter life is like and should be for. Sigma Kappa provides the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Sigma Kappa is an opportunity to learn more about what philanthropy means or about fellow Panhellenic chapters. Their lessons remind me that Sigma Kappa is about being a better version of ourselves and having people that care to be a part of that journey. I have always loved the poem “Sigma Kappa is” and as I reflect on the lessons I have learned this semester, I know that being in Sigma Kappa truly is a better way to walk shyly up the back steps only to walk confidently out the front steps.


One thought on “Where Did the Time Go…

  1. Totes love you Katherine! I’m so glad that you are our leadership consultant and that our lives are so similar we semi-freaked. I’m glad to be a new SigKap at Theta Omicron with you as our LC. I hope you have a wonderful winter and holiday season (BTW I got the sewing machine I wanted, so as long as you buy thread it is free to use for you :)) *Faye

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