Those Fullerton Girls

The Long Beach Alzheimer’s Walk!
Sue Buyrn
Sue Buyrn

They drive me crazy, but I love them. That is probably the best way I can describe the Fullerton girls. I do not think there has been a chapter who has frustrated me more, made me more proud, or given me such a sense of meaning and purpose. I have really tried to push this chapter, and you better believe they pushed back. I don’t know exactly why, maybe it is the potential I see in them, but they bring out the Sigma Kappa passion in me. Every time I got off the plane to head to the Epsilon Tau house, there was motivation in my heart to help these girls, in some way or another.

During my second visit with them, I did a workshop before their chapter meeting. I talked about commitment and investment, and I drew from my time at Virginia Tech. I showed them a couple videos of what had been my sisterhood, and somehow I ended up standing in the front of a room staring back at 70 confused sorority girls with tears rolling down my cheeks. I so badly wanted them to understand what kind of experience was possible through Sigma Kappa and to make the most of it. I see a parallel between my chapter and theirs, and I have clicked into that sisterhood in a way that is familiar to my own college experience.

When I left this past week and said goodbye, not to return until January, I was genuinely sad. The Theta Epsilon member from UC Riverside who picked me up made a comment that really made me think: “It’s strange…you guys act like you are sisters.” On so many different levels, it hit home: that the relationships I am building on the road are sincere, that I really am influencing other peoples’ lives through this job, and that the connection I have to Sigma Kappa will always be a part of my life, no matter where I am.

At Newport Beach with the Fullerton Girls!

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