Mizzou Homecoming

Meghan McFerrin
Meghan McFerrin

Whether it was in high school or in college, chances are you have experienced homecoming at one point or another. However, I officially have to argue that you haven’t actually experienced homecoming until you’ve experienced a Mizzou Homecoming. Turns out the tradition of homecoming was founded right here at the University of Missouri exactly 101 years ago. This is a time of year filled with traditions that I was lucky enough to be a part of with the colony class.

Sigma Kappa participated in “Decorate the District”- a tradition where Student Organizations paint the windows of local businesses.
Decorate the District

Next year, Sigma Kappa will participate in even more of the Mizzou homecoming traditions including a talent competition, pomped house decorations, and a parade!

One of the most meaningful parts of being in a sorority is the relationships you form with your sorority “family.” Last weekend, the Mizzou colony had their Pearl Pal reveal- which was an exciting way to start their sorority families!

Lined up and excited before the reveal!

The colony class got to meet a member of my Sigma Kappa “family” during homecoming weekend when my big sis came to visit!

Me and Elizabeth at the Mizzou vs. Kentucky game (their first SEC win!)

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