Dancing Queen

Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

Last Friday night, I helped chaperone Kappa Phi’s semiformal. The girls dressed up, brought dates, and went to dinner before. The night was themed “masquerade.” They danced to top 40 and hip-hop songs, and they all had a blast!

The night was full of adventures for me, per usual. Some of the women invited me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. When I arrived, I could not quite put my finger on why I felt awkward. Halfway through dinner, it hit me; I did not have a date! In college, I was the girl who brought a date and provided three or more guys as dates for my friends. And now I was sitting at the head of the table, dateless, feeling like a mother… gross.

When we arrived at the venue, I greeted the policemen who were working the event and one asked me, “If you are a chaperone, does that make you a senior?” I sadly frowned and told him that I had graduated and am old now.

As the night progressed, the advisors/chaperones sat together and talked about some of our past social events. Reminiscing about old times, I realized that it was not so awful and I should not be so depressed tonight. I had my time – it was a blast, but now it is time to enjoy this new chapter of my life. A part of being a consultant is struggling between our own experience and helping improve the chapter we are working with. Last night taught me to embrace the present and that I can still be a dancing queen. Maybe not at a sorority semiformal, but in my career and other stages of my life.


One thought on “Dancing Queen

  1. Jordan,
    Great posting. Being the ‘adult’ is not always so bad. How you felt at the formal is the same when you have your own children. You realize your time with some things have passed, but you want to pass wisdom that’s been garnered over the years. Keep up the good work! (And dance every now and again)

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