Home Away From Home

Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hi friends!

As I reflect back on this past formal recruitment season, the idea of having a home away from home in Sigma Kappa stands out in my mind.

With my new member class on Bid Day 2008.

When I became a member of Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2008, a home away from home was something I truly needed. Going to a university out-of-state was a challenge in itself. Being so far away from home and my family was never easy, and I have my Sigma Kappa sisters to thank for always helping me feel right at home. Without them, I honestly would not have continued at the University of Arizona beyond my freshman year.

With my mother and brother during University of Arizona Family Weekend 2009.

Who knew that four years later as a traveling leadership consultant for Sigma Kappa, having a home away from home is something I would need just as much as I did in college? During college, I had unknowingly gotten very comfortable with living in a different state, away from my family and what I was familiar with. Little did I realize that Arizona had become a new form of home for me. Now, as a leadership consultant for Sigma Kappa, I travel across the country from week to week, mostly to places that are brand new to me. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new sisters and experiencing new cultures. At the same time, I have found that there are always things that make me feel at home when I’m on the road or in a new region. Things that keep me grounded.

With three of my pledge sisters on the Great Wall of China.

Stores & Restaurants

Although I look forward to experiencing new foods and retailers, I always recognize familiar stores and restaurants nearby. Target is one of my personal favorites as it never fails. I instantly feel at home with the familiar sight right as I walk in.

My Suitcase

I will admit that it was challenging to pack three and a half months’ worth of attire and personal belongings in a 50 pound suitcase. At first, I thought that I would become bored of the limited closet I could pack in my suitcase. However, I have found that I know well what my limited wardrobe consists of, and am very comfortable and assured in it.


Whether I’m in Kentucky, Texas or Oregon, the music on the radio is always the same. If not the exact same, it is a tune I have heard before and am familiar with. Besides from the radio, I also have my iPhone equipped with music I grew up with and music I truly enjoy. Nothing will brighten your day like an old song you always sing with your best friends at home!


Regardless of the fact that I am always meeting new sisters, they are still my sisters, and they always take an interest in me. They care to find out what my favorite food to eat is, what I like to do in my free time, and what my family and friends are like from home. The Sigma Kappa sisters I meet across the nation do whatever they can to make me feel welcome and at home.

SKLC sisters from across the country!

Sigma Kappa continues to provide me with challenges and opportunities for personal growth. However, no matter the location or situation, I know that I am never alone. I can always find a home away from home.




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