Viva Las Vegas!

In odd days like these…people study how to be all alike instead of how to be as different as they really are. – Monica Shannon

Sue Buyrn
Sue Buyrn

But not the Vegas girls. I must say, I was somewhat nervous for my trip to Theta Eta, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. What are Vegas sorority girls like? Will they accept me…a small-town Virginia girl? Well, I can’t be sure if they liked me, but I can say that I LOVED them! Theta Eta was another successful recruitment for Sigma Kappa this fall, and it was one more tally off of my eight recruitments of 2012, but it was also an experience for me to learn about a culture very different from my own. These girls live three minutes from the Las Vegas strip, many of them born and raised, and they have piercings, tattoos, and streaks of colored hair. They are proud of Nevada…the state that has more gold than California, where Halloween is actually Nevada Day and a day off of work, the 36th state and home of the horn sheep. They are confident Sigma Kappas and that is something I admired most about them. Yes, they look different from me, they talk different than me, and they most certainly don’t have the same hobbies as me–these are Vegas girls. BUT, they are my sisters, and they embraced me and I embraced them. They made me smile and laugh, the took me sightseeing, they listened to my advice, and some listened to me as I cried.

The bonds of sisterhood bring us all together, but Theta Eta taught me a valuable lesson: Be confident to embrace being different. Sometimes I think we forget this during the recruitment season…thank goodness for the Vegas girls.

Good times with my Las Vegas sisters!

And on one more note, thank goodness for fellow leadership consultants on the road. Below are a few pictures of myself with Katherine Getty and Francesca Gomes on personal time in Las Vegas!

Personal time in Las Vegas with fellow LCs!

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