Jordan Barnett
Jordan Barnett

Hello again from Boca!

Last week many of the Kappa Phi Chapter women taught me even more about themselves. They recently celebrated the Jewish holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This reminded me of my own faith and my spiritual wellness.

In consultant training, we examined wellness and how to maintain occupational, physical and spiritual wellness while on the road. As a consultant, we spend so much time caring for the women we are working with, and sometimes we forget about ourselves. I am so guilty of this!

My mother has been on my case about missing mass for the third weekend in a row.
For me missing mass is unusual. I come from a very strong faith background, raised Catholic, and I practice my faith regularly. Improving my spiritual wellness was something I definitely needed to focus on.

Spiritual wellness is incredibly hard to keep up with while traveling as a consultant. No matter if you practice a certain faith or if you get inspiration from quotes or readings, it is important to maintain that balance in our everyday lives. If we are not upholding ourselves to our spiritual wellness, it will be reflected in our work.

When I have a bad day or need help, I have to remind myself to turn to my faith. Lately, to hold myself accountable, I participate in a Bible study on Facebook with some of my closest friends. Since we all live in different locations and have crazy schedules, we post in the message when we can. Sometimes those posts are all I need.

I challenge myself to take a little time each day to read something inspirational, write down the positives from the day, or take a moment to pray. I have my mother call me on Sundays and remind me to find time to make it to church. This little extra effort and accountability has helped me to get back on track and improve my spiritual wellness. I hope anyone struggling with this might seek ways to challenge themselves to work on their spiritual wellness this week!


Jordan Barnett


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