Living our Values

Meghan McFerrin
Meghan McFerrin

Here at Mizzou, we are several weeks into the Promise program,  educating the new members about Sigma Kappa. The past two weeks have had a huge emphasis on our values and our purpose. The new members were asked to work in smaller groups to brainstorm ways they can live out their values in day-to-day life and to reflect upon what their responsibilities are as Sigma Kappas. As a leadership consultant, I am constantly inspired by the insight and enthusiasm that the new members at the University of Missouri display. I wish every Sigma Kappa could hear their conversations about our values and responsibilities because I know that they, too, would be inspired to be a better member and a better person! Whether that is through pursuing personal growth, serving others, remaining loyal to Sigma Kappa, or developing meaningful friendships, we all should strive to be members (collegiate or alumnae) who make a lasting impact on our sorority.

During formal recruitment here, a few of us watched a Sigma Kappa recruitment video about 23 times in two days. Needless to say, it has stuck with me since. In the video, a former national council member, Pat Mills, says that being a Sigma Kappa makes you a “better person, a better mother, a better grandmother, a better friend, and a better wife.” While I cannot relate to many of those aspects of life at this point in time, I understand what she means. When I am focusing on the values of Sigma Kappa, I find that I am in fact a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, and even a better consultant. If there is anything this job has taught me, it is that I have a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow. I am confident that remaining true to the values our founders set for us will lead me in the right direction in my journey and my lifetime commitment to this organization.


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