Who Do You Choose?

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

During the fall semester of my junior year at KU, my mom shared with me a video that changed my life. Opening the link, I immediately realized its length and said to myself, “I sure do not have 20 minutes to sit and watch this.” But as I had promised my mom to watch it in its entirety, I clicked ‘play.’

At first I was a bit confused; why would my mom want me to watch a video on brain science? I am an art history major for goodness sake! But as I watched Jill Bolte Taylor chronicle the events of her stroke, I soon realized why my mom had shared this with me.

Watch video now:

After Jill’s talk concluded, I immediately realized that I was in tears. “Why am I crying?” I thought. If you had the same reaction as I did, I hope you realize the true beauty of the message here.

What I learned from this talk was that each and every single moment we can choose who and how we want to be in the world. Each of us has the power to choose. To choose what moments we embrace the challenges, to choose what moments we overcome, what moments we falter. We as human beings – loving, peaceful and compassionate human beings CHOOSE who we want to be.

In this job, I find myself constantly choosing who I want to be. Choosing to face the  challenges I know I can overcome, choosing to not fight the battles I know I cannot win, and choosing to embrace the process.

I choose every day the woman I want to be.

So who and what do you choose?


One thought on “Who Do You Choose?

  1. Thanks for the great reminder — of the power we all have to choose everyday to show up. This TED talk is so powerful, too!

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