Small Town – Big Personality

Amy Gallagher
Amy Gallagher

One of the most interesting parts about my job is how often I travel and the places that I am lucky enough to visit. That might seem pretty obvious, right? But it might not be for the reasons that you may think. While I fly in and out of some of the major airports east of the Mississippi – with some pretty out of the way layovers – my destinations are often towns and cities that I would never otherwise have a reason to visit or even pass by on an interstate.

During my adventures, I have been able to do some quick sightseeing – in North Carolina, I was able to look out over the Appalachian Mountains, and in New York, I was able to visit Niagara Falls. I have spent more time driving through mountains, next to rivers, across farmland, and over rolling hills, seeing how small towns are shaped by universities and universities shaped by small towns.

Each chapter has the place they call the best froyo or Mexican food or claims that there is not much around to see. But each of these towns or universities has a new culture, a new ‘familiar’ to experience. Every time I am at a new chapter, I start from scratch and learn what is familiar to their experience, and that can be sightseeing in itself!

Recruitment season is wrapping up. We have been on the road for six weeks. Everything I travel with has found its designated space when I pack up at the end of each visit. I have learned to say goodbye to some amazing women and leaders. But this city girl is also slowly learning that it is not the big cities that make up the majority of the map. It’s the small towns with big personalities. Although my allotted 50 pounds of luggage, one carry-on, and one personal item do not allow me to pick up a new souvenir everywhere I go, that is not to say I am not taking away more than just a little something from each one of my visits!

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Visit to App State!
Adventure to Niagara Falls!
Boarding a tiny plane in Pennsylvania!

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