Every woman, every girl: Sig Kap Your Life!

Jordan Archer
Jordan Archer

I was a big fan of the sorority chant in college. My personal favorite was the one my chapter did before every event during Round 1 (When you go the Sigma way… just those first few notes still give me goosebumps and bring back so many memories of stomping and bouncing and laughing with my sisters!). There is something about the energy and collective excitement of chants that make them so inspiring and fun. One of the biggest #sororitygirlproblems, though, is that over the course of your years as a recruiter, having learned so many songs guarantees that you will never be able to listen to the radio normally again. Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” will forever run through my head with the Sigma Kappa lyrics my chapter sang, and don’t even get me started on Colbie Caillat’s “Realize.” I love that chapters write their own lyrics to songs, because it makes the songs both familiar and memorable to potential new members. I’ve heard some very creative chants and songs on the road this past month.

Theta Tau, Kansas State University, was my very first chapter visit as a leadership consultant. They were big fans of “Sigma Kay Born and Sigma Kay Bred” chant, which became their pre-round rallying cry. I still haven’t quite mastered the second verse (S-I-G SIG M-A SIGMA, K-A-P KAP P-A KAPPA) but I’m working on it! The chapter also rallied behind a chant that Ashley Huff made up for them–those Theta Taus sure can scream!

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Theta Tau’s entire pre recruitment and recruitment. I reached a point where I knew pretty much every song the chapter sang in recruitment, including an adorable version of “Build You Up Buttercup,” Sigma Kappa style. The chapter slowed things down a bit for their preference ceremony. They sang a version of Rihanna’s California King Bed (complete with a solo by one of their members who will surely be on American Idol someday), and a performance of “Never Alone” that brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

I have also been working with Theta, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, throughout pre recruitment and formal recruitment. The first two rounds of recruitment include entertainment portions. During the first round, the chapter sang and danced to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” (“If you were a Sig Kap, you’d never be alone…”)–I think it changed my life. Honestly. Am I too old to be a Belieber? The skit round showcased my favorite group of all time–THE SPICE GIRLS. Is there a stronger symbol of girl power than Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Posh, and Scary singing together on stage? I think not.

I think my all time favorite song I’ve heard this year is “Never Alone.” I’m a big country fan, so I loved the Lady Antebellum version, but once I heard the Sigma Kappa version, I was sold. “May your tears come from laughing, you find friends worth having…” Unfortunately I can’t find a video with the Sigma Kappa lyrics, but here is Lady A:

Sure, chants and songs are not the most important thing we, as sorority women, do during recruitment. We should prioritize our focus to conversation and espousing our values so that we find women who are in accordance with them. But those songs and chants showcase my absolute favorite part of belonging to Sigma Kappa–the sisterhood.

I’m usually that sentimental cheeseball in the corner tearing up about the lyrics to a song that might seem silly to some, but to me symbolizes something much more than the words. Sometimes, the song is something you can dance to. Sometimes the song elicits tears. Regardless of the emotion the song brings about, it’s always better to be singing with sisters by your side.



3 thoughts on “Every woman, every girl: Sig Kap Your Life!

  1. I’m an Alpha Delta at UT and one of our sisters passed away in May. Last year at recruitment for Preference Round a sister sang this song because the sister who passed away absolutely loved this song. We had a candlelight vigil in celebration of her life and played this song. It was also played at her funeral. ❤ Hits very close to home. SLAM

  2. Hey could you send me the words to the sigma kappa version of “our song” the kappa pi chapter at Clemson really wants to use it!!

  3. Hey! I’m a sigma kappa at UCM could you send me the lyrics to “Sigma Kay Born, Sigma Kay Bred” and the “Our Song” I would love to know how they sound! Our chapter is working on some new chants and I would love to incorporate these if I can! Thanks!

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