Running in Heels: A Shoe Addict’s Guide to Life on the Road

Jordan Archer
Jordan Archer

Anyone who knows me, personally, knows how much I love shoes. I love heels and flats and wedges and boots and sandals and… actually, I really don’t discriminate. I love shoes of all types. In college, I always had a shoe rack in my closet and at least two or three bins under my bed that were full of shoes.

Needless to say, life on the road has proven my shoe buying habits to be a little impractical (which my dad has been telling me for years–guess I’m finally admitting he’s right). Life out of a 50-pound suitcase means that no matter how cute my black heels with the leopard print bows are, I just cannot justify sacrificing space for shoes that I absolutely do not need.

So, for those of you like me (read: those of you crazy enough to devote your very first LC blog post to shoes), I have come up with a simple, to-the-point guidebook for packing shoes on long journeys:

1. If they’re taller than 5 inches, you don’t need them. I’ve learned that being an LC requires you to move a lot. Those Steve Madden pumps are adorable, but can you stand in them all day? No, so leave them at home.

2. Bring shoes that can be dressed up and casual. I’m traveling with a pair of leopard print flats (just barely on this side of practicality) that look good with my standard work outfits, but also pair well with the one pair of jeans I brought on the road.

3. Even if you think your heels are comfortable, don’t travel in them. I learned this lesson the hard way. I was traveling last week with my LC teammate Hannah and I walked up to security thinking I was such an expert, hotshot traveler (wrong). I was wearing a pair of very short heels that I thought were fine for traveling in (wrong). Cue a roll of the ankle and my water bottle falling on the ground and exploding everywhere. This led to a pat down and swabbing of my hands for gunpowder (though I was a hit with all the people in line for security. Glad I can make people laugh!). Learn from my mistakes and embarrassment! Always travel in flats!

4. When in doubt, just say no. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing that pair of shoes with at least five outfits you packed, don’t pack them! You won’t wear them and they’ll just take up precious space and weight.

5. Window shopping is the shoe addict’s best friend. I look at shoes online very regularly but never buy any. This saves me money and suitcase space but still keeps me up on the latest shoe trends. Plus, by the time I’m home for Christmas, all the shoes I’ve seen this fall will be on sale!

There you have it friends! Happy packing! 🙂


Jordan (the one from California)


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