‘Tis the Season for Ultra Violet!

Lindsey Farrow

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of witnessing several Ultra Violet campaigns that I am excited to share with our readers, as they inspired me. What I love about the Ultra Violet campaign is that it allows each chapter to independently start a tradition that is tailored to their campus. I am so impressed with the creativity the chapters have brought to these events as they support the Sigma Kappa Foundation. A big thank you to Kappa Pi and Kappa Phi for sharing your unique and super fun events with me!

Kappa Pi hosted their first Ultra Violet mini golf tournament this March. Campus organizations were able to build a hole in the chapter’s mini golf course with the support of a Sigma Kappa “coach” to guide them. Participants could then donate to the jar of the hole they thought was most creative, helping that organization win a prize. The theme was “Around the world in eighteen holes,” with each organization picking a city and building it into a golf hole. Congratulations to the gentlemen of Tau Kappa Epsilon who built the city of Paris and won most creative. Additionally, the community was excited at the best dressed golfer competition. Participants came in their sweater vests and argyle to show their golfing attire! The whole Clemson community had a great time supporting the Sigma Kappa Foundation.

The women of Kappa Pi at the Ultra Violet miniature golf tournament.
The winner of the best dressed golfer competition, looking great!
The winning mini golf hole at Kappa Pi’s Ultra Violet mini golf tournament.

Just a few weeks later, I was lucky enough to be with Kappa Phi as they started a tradition of their own at FAU.  For their first Ultra Violet campaign the chapter held a Ultra Violet Sketti dinner and silent basket auction. This was a great opportunity for each committee to bond as they created themed baskets. Baskets ranged from spa themed to movie themed. Members of the fraternity and sorority community as well as administration and families came to this all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner and enjoyed a DJ and great food! Congrats on your first Ultra Violet event Kappa Phi, a tradition that the whole community will look forward to attending for years to come!

The baskets for auction at Kappa Phi’s spaghetti dinner!
The sisters of Kappa Phi ready to serve spaghetti.

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