Recruitment is Just Around the Corner

Michelle Garber

It’s that time of year again! Sigma Kappa sisters all over the country are beginning to prepare for fall formal recruitment. In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to visit lots of chapters to help them plan for recruitment. At Gamma Tau (Midwestern State University) the chapter women put on a mock recruitment for their spring informal new member class who had never been through formal recruitment. The new members loved getting to hear the songs and speeches the chapter uses during recruitment. When I visited Zeta Kappa (Angelo State University), the VPM put on a Dos and Don’ts of Recruitment workshop and then everyone went out for a sisterhood dinner. The women of Delta Eta (Central Missouri University) were participating in Greek Week during my visit and placed second overall which will be a great bragging point for them during recruitment! Epsilon Zeta (Western Kentucky University) also held a recruitment workshop focused on active listening. At Zeta Nu (University of Texas, San Antonio) the VPM held an informal meeting to introduce recruitment topics and rules. Finally, my last chapter visit, Delta Upsilon (Missouri State University), participated in a day long recruitment workshop with their Recruitment Supervisor where they discussed their reasons for joining Sigma Kappa and how to share their sisterhood with the community and potential new members.

The local bow store at Gamma Tau!
Sisterhood dinner at Zeta Kappa
Kiddie Carnival (Greek Week event) at Delta Eta
Sisterhood Retreat at Epsilon Zeta
Exploring San Antonio with Zeta Nu
Sisterhood activity (the knot game) at Delta Upsilon

Overall, the chapters I’ve seen recently have recruitment on the brain! Remember that you need to hold three pre-recruitment workshops with 80% of the chapter in attendance in the semester prior to formal recruitment in addition to your pre-recruitment week or weekend in order to receive full SOE points. If you need ideas, there are great workshops outlined in the Recruitment Resources section of For Sisters Only as well as in the Workshop Warehouse.

Best of luck as you prepare for this exciting time of year!

Dove Love



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