It’s a ZOO out here!

Tiffany Rozier

Well friends, it’s been a great few weeks on the road! So far I have been to 11 chapters in seven different states! I’ve continued to learn so much about our great organization, and, of course, experienced lots of personal growth along the way!

Last week, I was at our Beta Nu chapter at Bradley University in Peoria, IL! I had a blast there with the chapter women, and I got to reconnect with my good friend Katie McGinn! I had the pleasure of meeting Katie last September when we were on the IUPUI colonization team together!

< (That’s the expansion team 🙂 Katie is 3rd from the left and I’m 4th from the left!)

It was so wonderful to see a familiar face and have a little time off to chat about life outside of our violet bubble! Katie works in the student affairs office at Bradley, so after we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and even better dessert, she asked if I would go with her to a student affairs event on campus. Of course I said I would… but I didn’t know it would be a ZOOOOOO!!! Here are some pictures of our adventure! Everything from spitting llamas to sleeping puppies!


After my adventure at the zoo, I got off of the farm and went back to the Sigma Kappa house to hang out with the wonderful ladies of Beta Nu!

Thanks for a wonderful visit, ladies!

Love, Tiff


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