New Members, Crazy Weather, and Theta! Oh my!

Suzannah Grubb

What a busy semester the Theta chapter has had, so it’s time they got a blog post!

After recruitment, Theta at University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign,
was proud to receive the largest new member class on campus with 83 women! The chapter is literally bursting at the seams with members and excitement! I was lucky enough to visit the chapter for their first weekend of recruitment, getting to know officers, chapter women, and local and national volunteers.

Theta VPNME, Ashley, and Suz

The VPM, Ashley, and I really got to know each other through the long days, late nights and keeping the chapter motivated! Before I left town, thanks to the VPNME, Juliana, I got to take a look around the beautiful Fighting Illini campus.

Suz and the U of I Alma Mater

University of Illinois has a lot to be proud of including the largest Greek community in the country. The university is continuing to  increase their fraternity and sorority presence with the largest recruitment EVER in their school’s history, 1,500 potential new members!

After recruitment ended, bid day executed, and Big/Little Sister Reveal unveiled the chapter was off to a roaring start for the semester before my second visit.  I was excited to get to know the chapter better through their sisterhood game night event.  We stayed up for hours playing Wii Just Dance, eating Pokey Sticks (my favorite!), and just hanging out.

Not only was the chapter off to a ‘roaring’ beginning, but so was the weather during my October trip. On a daring afternoon, the President Molly, EVP Shelly, and I braved the elements to get a bite to eat for lunch.  Multiple times Molly’s umbrella flipped inside out and I finally gave up on the umbrella all together.

Theta President, Molly, singng in the rain!

Needless to say, I looked like a wet cat after our outing. That evening, a few of the house women and I settled down and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It was a perfect end to the day after the wild weather we took on!

I am now preparing for my last trip of the semester to Illinois. I am looking forward to visiting for initiation and saying goodbye to those studying abroad in the spring. Such motivated and determined women belong to Theta and I can’t wait to see them again!


One thought on “New Members, Crazy Weather, and Theta! Oh my!

  1. Suz – I love your blog posts! The Theta Chapter Blog is up and running. I look forward to seeing you next week 🙂


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