Super Kangaroos

Michelle Garber

Lots of family lines have names and mine happens to be the Super Kangaroos (SK), hence the title! As it seems we are in the middle of revelation season I thought this would be a good time to talk about the Big Sister/Little Sister program. Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed out here on the road that I want to discuss with you all:

Your big/little does not need to be your best friend!

It’s wonderful if she is, but definitely not necessary to have a successful relationship.

Littles: Your big should be your guide through Sigma Kappa, the one person in the chapter you know you can always go to. Even if you don’t know your big when you get her, that is her role so take advantage! Call her when you can’t remember what room formal chapter is in, go to her when you need advice on what position you would be great at. You can still be friends with everyone else in the chapter.

Bigs: You should feel proud that you get to show anyone the Sigma Kappa ropes. This is a complete privilege. It is not okay for you to pressure or complain to the VPNME about her choices. Be excited about any little you are given and treasure her! To be the best big you can be, lead by example, keep in touch with your little, gently tell her when she’s out of line and love her no matter what. You can still be friends with everyone else in the chapter.

Bigs are spending extraordinary amounts of money on their littles.

I’m so glad that you love your little and want to dote on her but as broke college students there has to be a better way! Even if you aren’t broke, someone in your chapter is and she is embarrassed to put her collage out next to your 15 embroidered letter shirts. One idea that works well is to have the VPNME choose a theme such as baked goods or picture frames or a budget cap for each day of the week leading up to revelations.

Here are some great gift ideas I’ve seen and would love for you to borrow!

Check out Shop Sigma Kappa for licensed vendors and inexpensive gift ideas!

Dove Love, Michelle


2 thoughts on “Super Kangaroos

  1. Michelle,

    I completely agree with this post. As a former VPNME you can’t pair every new member or member with their best friends. I have seen some of the best big/little relationships start off rocky. The BOTH of them worked hard and made their relationship better. Sometimes people forget it isn’t just the bigs job to make the relationship, it is both of the members duty to put effort into the relationship.

    Thank you for this post,
    Tessa Burris

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