A Little Pit Stop in San Fran

Elizabeth Scott

On the first morning I was at Lambda, I was getting ready to head to San Francisco for a personal day and heard a familiar tune that I loved in high school. The sound of a Sigma Kappa version of “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani could be heard through the entire house and I knew immediately that I was going to get along very well with the women in the University of California, Berkeley, chapter.

The Lambda chapter has a beautiful home and the girls that live in it are just as wonderful! The chapter had so much energy during recruitment and showed this to each and every potential new member who walked through their door. During round one, the chapter had just as much energy during party one as they did during party twelve!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at Berkeley (Cal, as the students and alumni call it)! The one and only Madison Alexander took me to dinner at a wonderful local restaurant called Cheese Board. I had great roommates (Jordan, the president, and Kelsey, the EVP) who took me to one of their favorite restaurants (Intermezzo) and gave me a campus tour. The Cal campus was gorgeous and had so much history, which I loved considering I am a history nerd. These bells are at the top of the Campanile, the clock tower in the middle of campus (fun fact: it is taller than the clock tower at Stanford).

Along with the great visit with the Lambda chapter, I got to spend the day in San Francisco! This day was an adventure to say the least. I have not traveled much in my life, especially alone. I walked into San Francisco with a mission to see the tourist sites and thanks to a wonderful woman at the visitor’s center, I think I succeeded. This day also taught me a lot about myself. After my first two stops on my “tour”, I realized how independent I have become. Showing myself around a city I have never been to is something I never imagined myself doing. I was very impressed and had the realization that I could do anything I put my mind to, if I used the resources around me.

Also, I see the importance of this job for my future. My involvement in Sigma Kappa in college helped me become who I am today. My current position as a leadership consultant is teaching me more than I imagined. My visit to Lambda taught me to be confident and independent, while being vulnerable at the same time. I know that I will learn and experience something new with each visit and I am excited for what the rest of the year will hold!




One thought on “A Little Pit Stop in San Fran

  1. I randomly googled something about Sigma Kappa and the picture of the house popped up and I knew it was Lambda! I’m from Kappa Omicron but I visited the Lambda chapter a couple years ago and they were the sweetest girls ever! The campus and the house are gorgeous as well! ❤

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