“Ah-ha” moments

It’s the moment some of you may have had – the moment when you realize, “I care so much that I want to make a change,” and then you step up.  I had an “ah-ha” moment during one of my first visits in my job as a leadership consultant. I  have had the opportunity to better grasp the concept of sisterhood on a national level.

I hope that those of you who attended a COTS or Convention  were able to connect and share experiences with sisters from different parts of the country and connect through our mystic bond. I encourage you to meet with other Sigma Kappas who may be members of nearby chapters for Founders’ Day or philanthropy events.

The picture of national sisterhood that I experienced during my first couple of visits sent chills up my spine and really empowered and inspired me to direct every ounce of energy I have to the organization as a whole. Sitting in a room full of women, all with the same values, that have all experienced the same ritual and recognize the importance of it, is so moving.

During a recent preference ceremony, the lyrics to a particular song rang in my head, “We will be in every beat of your heart as you face the unknown, because you are never alone.”  That is the truth. No matter where in the country you are, a Sigma Kappa is nearby and you are never alone.

Allow yourselves to have those moments where it all clicks and you feel so driven that you could change the world. Realize that these moments are the powerhouse behind the energy to drive, lead and make change.

❤ Lindsey


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