And we are off!


My incredible journey began at the University of Kansas and let me just tell you, these ladies were great from the moment I stepped off the plane – literally off the plane. My bedroom was set up with pictures of the leadership consultan team (miss them), PowerAde (my favorite) and Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers (who knew!?)  The president also took me to the Allen Fieldhouse, home of the notorious KU basketball team, where I got to compare my wing span to that of a KU basketball player. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have much to offer KU’s  basketball program…

BUT I did celebrate a pretty large victory in LC life: my suitcase was 49 pounds! I’m pretty stoked that it was under 50 and hey, this gives me a pound to work with right?!

I also met the nicest person on my plane who taught me something new – all because I dug deeper to have a meaningful conversation. (Thank you Phired Up for instilling that thought in my head). Kansas was very green and since lime green is my favorite color, I couldn’t help but smile while I was there. Just to prove it, here’s a picture of me on a walk bonding with the Jayhawk!

P.S. Whoever said Kansas was flat has never been to Lawrence. The hills were out of this world and naturally I picked the largest hill to run up on day 1…ouch!



One thought on “And we are off!

  1. Did anyone ever tell you… you can tell the year of a KU girl by the size of her calves… (because of the hills!)

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