Celebrity Sighting in Louisville!


My first visit was to the lovely ladies at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. They were so welcoming and I learned a ton spending time with them during pre-recruitment week!

At the U of L, skit night is a huge deal and so much fun! One thing they do to prepare at Alpha Theta is invite alumnae to preview their skit and help them practice their conversations.

This year the ladies of Alpha Theta invited a few special guests to their alumnae preview night. They reached out to nearby Indiana University Southeast and invited the Zeta Alpha chapter to visit. The two chapters are working together to become even better recruiters. The Alpha Theta sisters loved getting to perform and the Zeta Alpha sisters provided great feedback and took home some fantastic ideas. The Alpha Theta chapter also had a celebrity sighting that night when the one and only National President Laura Owsley showed up at their door! Everyone was so excited to see her and she made the night truly special with an energetic circle-up.

Now I’m off to Texas, I can’t wait to meet the Zeta Kappa chapter!

❤ M


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