Exploring the wild, wild west!

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hilaire Belloc

It is amazing to think where Sigma Kappa has taken me since the day I pledged my loyalty in spring 2007. I was under the impression that I was joining a great organization that would provide me with a group of good friends and chances to get involved – rather cliché if I do say so myself. Little did I know that in three years I’d have Sigma Kappa to thank for a semester spent exploring the west coast.

Beginning my journey at Washington State University (about as far from my home of Dinwiddie, Virginia as it gets), I was beyond excited to spread my wings and make a difference. It turned out that the women of Alpha Gamma were the ones making the impact. From the moment my feet hit the ground off a tiny airplane, I felt at home. The women exuded hospitality and friendliness, and I felt immediately accepted. As the women worked their way through pre-recruitment workshops and straight into five days of formal recruitment I was continually impressed by their energy and attitudes. The veteran members of the chapter were equally invested in the chapter as the newer additions, and on bid day the chapter’s pride sincerely shown through.

Since my time away from Alpha Gamma, I have continued to receive encouraging text messages and emails from the women, reminding me that the bonds of sisterhood know no distance. As I work my way up and down the west coast, it is comforting to know that the friends I make along the way will last beyond the parameters of this position; these friendships will extended a lifetime.

As cliché as my intentions were, Sigma Kappa knew what she had in mind me for me those three years ago. What I give back, she gives in return threefold. So here lies my long overdue thank you to the organization that has done more than change my life. She has changed me.

Sigma Love & Mine,


The Alpha Gamma chapter house - a beautiful house filled with beautiful women!

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